Twice Exceptionality (2e) Evaluation

What is "twice exceptionality?" you may say. Let me take a moment to explain it in the simplest terms possible. It is a "label" developed to identify children with great strengths in some cognitive processes and weaknesses in others. Often, these weaknesses tend to be the focus in the educational system and the strengths that children possess are masked. Or, it may also be true that children with high IQ's and above average or gifted abilities are able to compensate for weaknesses or disabilities but it requires them to exert tremendous effort. Sometimes children with learning disabilities who are also gifted are not identified until their ability to compensate is stretched to the limit, often in higher grades. If one of these descriptions describes your child, a full and comprehensive evaluation may not be possible in the school district. The focus in the schools is on identifying children who need specialized instructional or other remediation in order to access the general education curriculum. There is not a special service for "twice exceptional" children. However, it may be that they need an Advanced Learning Plan in some areas and a 504 Plan to receive accommodations for others. The comprehensive report can help develop these plans in collaboration with the school.