School Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluation

A school psychological evaluation is just as it sounds. It consists of academic and cognitive testing, as well as observations, a social and developmental history, along with input from teachers and related school staff. Sometimes, a school psychological evaluation is necessary to identify learning differences or disabilities, especially if the school is not at the point of referral and the parent wants immediate answers. If the school psychological evaluation shows a Specific Learning Disability in the area of reading, writing or math, it doesn't necessarily mean that the school district will qualify your child. Part of the identification process for Specific Learning Disability in Colorado requires that the child go through the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support process. This process allows interventions to be undertaken and progress-monitored in order to ascertain whether the child can be helped without qualifying for Special Education Services. However, the findings from a school psychological assessment can inform the intervention process and put the process on the fast-track when time is of the essence. 

A school neuropsychological evaluation is appropriate when you suspect ADHD, Autism, or other neurodevelopmental disorders. This type of evaluation is a comprehensive process and will provide answers. Autism and ADHD have overlap in social-emotional and executive functioning presentation, as well as sensory and motor difficulties. It can be difficult to differentiate the two for the untrained eye.