My Approach

1. The Intake Interview.

The evaluation process begins with an intake interview. The interview can be scheduled through telehealth or in person. The intake interview may take anywhere from 1.5 - 2 hours. Prior to the interview I will ask you to complete a developmental and social history. This will take some time and the quality of the answers will help determine the overall quality of the evaluation report. I will also ask for you to provide any prior testing or evaluations that have been done either through the school district or outside providers.

2. Testing Sessions.

After the initial meeting, I will develop an individualized test battery specific to the referral concern or question. I will work with you to schedule testing sessions where I will meet with your child in person. This may be done over one or two sessions, depending on the length of the assessments required, attention span of the child and other preferences. I prefer to do testing in the morning because children typically perform better when they are well-rested. 

3. Gathering Information.

I will also give you questionnaires, checklists, or rating scales to complete and return to me. Some of the questionnaires may need to be completed by your child's teachers.

4. Development of the Report.

After the testing is completed, I will score the assessments, formulate my clinical observations and opinions and write the evaluation report. The evaluation report will be individualized, comprehensive, and useful for you to understand your child's unique learning profile, individual strengths, and needs. It will also be useful for the school psychologist, teachers, and counselor at your school to help develop supports for your child.

5. Feedback Session.

At the feedback session, I will give you a copy of the report, share the results with you, and answer any questions you may have. I will also provide a list of recommendations for you to use to get help for your child or to pursue interventions either at school or privately.

The whole process takes anywhere from 5 to 15 hours, depending on the type of evaluation you require.