Giftedness Evaluation

In the school districts, children are typically identified for gifted and talented programs based on CogAT scores. The CogAT is administered in a group setting, usually in the spring of the 2nd grade year. It has separate measures for Verbal, Quantitative and Nonverbal reasoning and is highly correlated with fluid reasoning and problem solving, and success in school. Children who score higher than a Standard Score of 95 on the CogAT are typically flagged for gifted programs. However, other criteria are considered, such as performance on other group administered tests, such as MAPs or the CMAS. Some children may not perform well on group administered tests, especially children who have ADHD or problems with executive functioning, or children who are just more immature. Sometimes children may not do well on testing for other reasons. That is why an individually administered cognitive test can be a better option for some children. If an outside evaluation demonstrates a data point above the 95th percentile, the school district will consider it in determining eligibility for gifted and talented program.