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Amy McDaniel Molina, PhD

Licensed Psychologist


Gifted Evaluation

This evaluation usually involves a full, individual comprehensive cognitive evaluation to identify potential areas of giftedness that are sometimes missed in group testing situations.


Evaluation for Twice Exceptionality

This is an evaluation to determine giftedness and learning disabilities or neurocognitive disorders that might be masking areas of giftedness. Children with twice exceptionality are often missed by gifted screening due to learning differences (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Processing, Behavior, or Social Emotional Disorders)


School Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluation

This evaluation is appropriate when a child is experiencing learning difficulties or when previous interventions have been tried without success. This may include assessment for dyslexia or other learning disability, ADHD, Autism, social-emotional, or behavioral disorders.



Consultation may be appropriate when you have had prior testing or interventions and need help with educational advocacy for your child. Consultation fees may be applied toward an evaluation if you choose to pursue one within 3 months of the initial meeting.

My Approach

My work as a school psychologist enables me to help families navigate the system and understand how schools determine eligibility for Special Education services, Individualized Education Plans, Advanced Learning Plans, and 504 Plans. I can help identify your child's learning strengths and areas of giftedness through comprehensive cognitive evaluations. I can also help identify learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disabilities, and the Behavioral and Social Emotional characteristics that accompany many learning differences. I truly love helping children gain a better understanding of themselves as learners and as people. I also enjoy helping parents understand children's gifts and learning needs so that they can grow into better advocates.

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About me

I am a Licensed Psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in public schools.

Getting Help

Contact Dr. Molina at dr.amy.molina@outlook.com

or (720) 900-1102 for more information and to start the process of discovering your child's strengths and needs.




Twice Exceptionality


School Psychological Evaluation


School Neuropsychological Evaluation



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